Why you should consider wearing Pearls with a V-Neck

December 29, 2014 by Melissa

Whether you are wearing a v-neck dress or v-neck top, choosing the right necklace to wear with it can be very difficult. A rounded chain or loopy necklace can seem very strange against that plunging neckline, so you need to consider carefully what necklace you do choose.

The general rule of thumb is that you should be looking at something which follows the v-shape, drawing even more attention to the neckline. This will accentuate the v-neck and ensure that there are no conflicting shapes. If you`re looking for an elegant and classy evening look, a pearl pendant necklace is the perfect answer.

Akoya Pearl and Diamond Aria Pendant

The contrast between the beautiful combination of pearl and diamond will draw even more attention to the neckline and a delicate silver chain will perfectly follow a simple v shape of the cut of the outfit. This makes it the ideal necklace for a v-neck top or dress.

The subtle drop shape of the pendant also accentuates the neck line giving your outfit the perfect finishing touch. It is important that the pendant doesn`t fall into the cleavage as this can start to look trashy, so try to aim for the pendant to finish just above the cleavage or the bottom of the v.

If you`re dressing for a really special evening out, try experimenting with a few different pearl pendant necklaces, of different styles and pendant shapes. For a more every day look, any pendant necklace will combine wonderfully with a v-neckline.