Top Wedding Ring Design Ideas that Express Your Love for Her

January 4, 2018 by Evie Jones

Engagement & wedding rings are pieces of jewelry a bride wears for the rest of her life. So the perfection of the rings is paramount. We have some wedding ring design ideas to woo her.

You need to get it right as it represents your love.

Choosing wedding ring designs can be the most tricky situation for a man. You need to be extra careful. This post is for the men who actually face problems in selecting the right ring for their beloved soon-to-be bride.

Be it a diamond engagement ring or an exotic pearl engagement ring, you need to be sure it suits your loves style. Let’s get you started on these top wedding ring design ideas.

Pearl Wedding Ring Design Ideas for The Modern Bride

Pearl in White Sapphire Ring With Diamond Accents

How about a luminous cultured pearl from freshwater shine at the center of a 10K white gold ring? Sounds exotic right? Then you can echo the pearl perfect round shape with a confinement of white sapphires.

Akoya Pearl, Sapphire & Diamond Ring
Akoya Pearl, Sapphire & Diamond Ring. Image Source: Etsy

Small round cut diamonds are just perfect for the frame to provide a contrast to the freshwater pearl. It is a Halo arrangement and will give a stunning look on the wedding day. Your bride will love it as it gives a royal look.

A woman always loves a pearl with the right frame.

Pearl in White Sapphire Vine Ring in Sterling Silver

Do you want to elevate the style of your partner? If yes, then stop thinking and go for a pearl ring. This is a very feminine design with a baroque shaped freshwater pearl as the center stone. Vines and leaves make this a very stylish engagement ring for her.

Pearl in White Sapphire Vine Ring
Pearl in White Sapphire Vine Ring. Image Source: Zales

The leaves and vines will be sparkling with white sapphires to give a charming look to the ring. It is a thoughtful choice as the ring is highly polished for a brighter shine.

Pearl with White Sapphire & Diamond Accent in 10K Rose Gold

An elegant choice for her will be a rose gold freshwater white pearl ring. It is an inspiring vintage pearl ring which dresses up with your look. Crafted perfectly in the elegant and noble 10K rose gold. On both sides of the elegant pearl, there is two sparkling bezel shaped white sapphires with a trio of petite diamond accent.

Pearl with White Sapphire & Diamond Accent in 10K Rose Gold. Image Source: Shape
Pearl with White Sapphire & Diamond Accent in 10K Rose Gold. Image Source: Shape

This elegant freshwater pearl wedding ring is an embellishing milgrain setting. This ring can be simply outstanding for your bride and will make her love it at first sight.

Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Design Ideas

Scrollwork Setting with Round Cut Diamond

Diamond engagement and weddings rings have their owned relevance. People love them because there are so many designs and shapes available in diamond rings. Round cut diamond is one such shape that gives elegance.

Scrollwork Setting with Round Cut Diamond
Scrollwork Setting with Round Cut Diamond. Image Source: Jeulia

A scrollwork setting is more than a traditional, vintage-inspired diamond engagement ring. It more of an organic looking. With a round cut diamond at its centre stone, it looks more of playful and a unique wedding ring. It will definitely give your bride-to-be an astounding elegant look.

Elaborated Side Views with Round Cut Diamond

A round cut diamond over an intriguing elaborated side view setting can be the right choice. If your loved one wants a royal and noble look, this setting is just for her.

Elaborated Side View with Round Cut Diamond of Halo Ring
Elaborated Side View with Round Cut Diamond of Halo Ring. Image Source: Brilliant Earth

Tangled details on the side of your wedding ring make it astonishing from the all the view angles. It gives a feeling as if it is a shining chain. This design is quite modern but royal which is a perfect combination.

Plus it symbolizes the perpetual bond of a marriage. Isn’t this is the best way to show your love to your partner?

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Design Ideas

Double Shank with Cushion Cut Diamond

This is the best ring setting for cushion cut diamonds. A band made of diamonds can be the best for your partner.

Multiple bands of diamonds. What can be prettier than that? It is the best setting.

Double Shank with Cushion Cut Diamond
Double Shank with Cushion Cut Diamond. Image Source: Pinterest

Twice as pretty and gives your diamond engagement ring a more structural, fashion-forward feel. A cushion cut diamond with this setting will look at its best. Give this loving highly fashionable engagement ring to the love of your life and make her feel special.

Delicate Setting with Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut Diamond’s brownie point is it looks like an enlarged diamond. What is the best way to put an enlarged stone on a diamond engagement ring? Put it in a delicate setting.

It is the best way to showcase an enlarged diamond.

Delicate Setting with Cushion Cut Diamond
Delicate Setting with Cushion Cut Diamond. Image Source: Pinterest

Make use of a cushion cut diamond. Using a delicate setting, make the engagement ring feminine and perfect dainty for your partner.

Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Design Ideas

Engagement Rings with Floral Accents

You must have seen celebrity’s engagement rings right? They are all flooding with a floral designs, like petals, vines and flowers. A radiant cut diamond will look intruding over a halo setting.

Engagement Ring with Floral Accents
Engagement Ring with Floral Accents. Image Source: Pinterest

If you wish to give your bride-to-be a whimsical touch, then a floral inspired halo setting is the best bet for her feminine engagement ring.

Square Bands with Radiant Cut Diamond

The shape of a diamond is deemed to be the most important part. But there is one more thing which can really add some value to the engagement ring. That one thing is the shape of the ring.

Wedding Ring Design Ideas: Square Men's Wedding Band with Diamonds
Square Men’s Wedding Band with Diamonds. Image Source: Its Hot

Square bands are very popular among the common man. They are highly sleek and believed to be more comfortable than the round wedding bands. The shape of rectangle bands will not hurt or pinch your finger.

If your second half is sleek and slim, square bands with radiant diamonds are the best bet for her.

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