Pearl Rings – A Symbol of Love and Commitment

March 7, 2011 by Emma

Rings are emblematic of love, commitment and royalty. Be it a gift, a tribute to love or a symbolic gesture of allegiance, in every form and on every occasion it has a significant meaning.

It is a class above other embellishments like diamonds and topaz. Crafted in various designs they are the next most preferred gemstones after diamonds, when it comes to decking rings.

The base for pearl rings includes gold, white gold, platinum and silver.

These circular hoops are crafted for many occasions, like weddings, engagements, anniversaries and friendship day. The designs vary in configuration for each event. Some of the popular types are cluster, two pearl, three pearl, bands with simple pearl seed and other intricate designs made in combination with crystalline carbon and other precious stones.

Some of the popular orphic gems used in fashioning rings are as follows.

Tahitian pearl rings belong to the premium category. They are rare, captivating and mesmerizing in appearance. They are by far the most coveted possession.

Akoya pearl rings are versatile in nature. They are a befitting accessory for evening cocktail outings as well as a great complement to working attire. With superb quality and affordable prices they are extremely popular with women of every age group.

Freshwater pearl rings have a distinct advantage over other orphic gems in terms of shape and size. Add to it the flexibility of wearing them on all functions and you have a winner. One of the popular contours in this category is the tear drop. Because of diverse shapes, they are available in oodles of tantalizing designs.

South Sea pearls rings on the other hand are renowned for their large size. Cultivated from the Pinctada Maxima they have white, silver or golden overtones and their nacre is remarkably thick. Found along the shores of Indonesia, Australia and the Philippines, these stunningly lustrous gems come in unparalleled hues, making them perfect for wedding and anniversary events. Some of the popular colors include pink and white but the saturated golden color orphic gem set in platinum or silver is every woman’s dream.


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