Pearl Facts: The Beautiful, Organic Essence of Pearls

August 5, 2017 by Kiesha Joseph

Pearls are precious water gems with natural beauty that glistens in the light. They are the only gems on the planet that are created naturally by living creatures. This makes them one of the purest, organically created gemstones on the market. Here are some pearl facts!

Through the ages, pearls have been known as gems for the fabulous, the elegant, the prestigious and the rich and famous. But, today, phrases like “these are not your grandmother’s pearls” have created a new love for these jewels of the sea. Now, women and teens of all ages enjoy the allure of the almighty pearl.

“A timeless piece of jewelry, like pearls or stud earrings, has lasting value. I bought a vintage ring for $600 with my first paycheck; I plan to pass it down to my daughter.” Ivanka Trump

Pearl Facts: Pearls are a Girl’s Best Friend After All

It’s a well-known fact that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Yet, pearls are timeless beauties that attract socially-minded jewelry lovers. These precious gems are created naturally. Unlike mining for diamonds, cultured pearls are cultivated without causing harm to the environment or the lives of other living creatures. So, in essence, pearls are an organic-lovers best friend.

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Ki Hackney (Author of “Pearls & People”)

According to a poetic tradition, water merges with the moonlight to form the beauty of pearls. The smooth and lustrous gemstones speak a secret language that talks to the hearts of pearl lovers. Today, celebrities and teens alike have joined in to enjoy the charm radiated by the natural beauties.

Pearl Facts: The Magical, Mystical Allure of the Pearl of the Sea

Pearls come from the sea. And, it’s because of this that they’ve taken on such magical, mystical qualities over the ages. They’re derived from the mysterious world below the ocean water, symbolizing both bliss and knowledge. Nothing speaks elegance like a delicate pearl necklace. And, pearls go with anything!

The beauty of a strand of pearls never loses its charm. Today, pearls are quickly becoming one of the hottest gems on the market. From pearly whites to the seductive allure of the black pearl, their luster is like no other. They come in many naturally created vibrant colors, from lovely lavender to sumptuous silver, from gorgeous green to glittering gold.

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Perfect pearls are hot commodities in the world of jewelry. However, irregularly shaped pearls give wearers a unique style complete with the grace of incredible luster. Dare to be different with a gorgeous strand of pearls with a variety of shapes and sizes. Indulge yourself in the lush luxury of wearing pearl jewelry that stands the tests of time.

Pearl Facts: Choosing the Right Types of Pearls for Your Style

There are various types of pearls, all of which are formed naturally. Both natural and cultured pearls can be mesmerizing, as their luster shines beyond dreams. Discover the type of pearl that’s best for your taste and style:

  • Baroque pearls – Uneven, irregularly shaped pearls, versatile enough for just about any ensemble
  • Freshwater pearls – Come in a wider variety of pearl shapes and pearl colors than any other type of pearl
  • South Sea pearls – Rarest pearl type, which comes in many different shapes and various colors
  • Tahitian pearls – Formed by the black lip oyster, cultivated near the island of Tahiti

Wearing pearls makes a bold statement, whether it’s a short or long strand of pearls, a captivating pearl bracelet or anklet, a cute heart pearl pendant, a simple pearl ring or a custom-designed pearl headband. Pearls are very versatile gems that go well with gold, silver, platinum, titanium and of course, diamonds.

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When it comes to the magnificent world of pearl jewelry, there are no limits. Take a leap into the world of unique beauty created by the allure of organic pearls. With custom-designed pearl jewelry and accessories, you’re free to let your imagination run wild!