June’s Birthstone is the Pearl

March 19, 2015 by Melissa

All throughout history, gemstones have been valued for their rarity and beauty. Individuals of earlier civilizations also thought that gemstones held mystical powers and could have a negative or positive affect over circumstances. Although it’s difficult to pin down exactly when these gemstones were assigned to the 12 zodiac signs, it’s a practice which is carried forth even to this day.

But, an individual’s birthstone varies from their zodiac stone, and will be associated with the month of their birth. There will include twelve birthstones which correspond to the twelve months of the year. One popular opinion is that the core of these twelve stones derives from the use of the twelve stones in Aaron’s breastplate in order to symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel that are mentioned within the book of Exodus inside the Bible’s Old Testament.

As the composition of the list differed across times and cultures, the most broadly followed birthstone list within the U.S. includes the one which was released by American National Association of Jewelers within 1912. But, the list is stated to be formulated upon the basis of popularity, cost, and availability, and therefore is thought to be a ‘commercial’ list. A few stones were included as they were more viable commercially than the initial stone. In 2002, Tanzanite was added to the month of December by American Gem Trade Association.

While some limit themselves to utilizing their birthstone, other people wear a different stone every month to optimize the advantages they receive from the stone within its month. Pearl includes an organic gem. It’s formed inside of a freshwater or marine mollusk (clams, oysters). The gorgeous globe (although they might be irregularly shaped) includes the result of a self-defense mechanism which the creature enacts as a grain of sand or another foreign substance gets into its shell.

The June birthstone, Pearl, captured the attention of both the commoners and royalty for centuries. It’s utilized by women of all ages, and may add a touch of luxury or elegance to any ensemble, depending on its use.