What is a Pearl?: The Most Classic Gemstone

August 6, 2017 by Kiesha Joseph

What is a pearl? A pearl is a precious gemstone. However, unlike all other precious gemstones, it is formed inside of a living being – either an oyster or a mussel. Depending on which creature it is formed inside of, a pearl can grow either in freshwater or in saltwater.

What is a pearl? Beauty Formed by Nature

In the wild, pearls are created when an irritant (usually a parasite) finds its way inside of a mollusk. The mollusk is bothered, so it secretes nacre (the same material that coats the inside of its shell) until the nacre slowly builds up over the course of years and the pearl is formed.

Pearls can also be farmed, and most pearls today have been cultured professionally. Cultured pearls are formed in exactly the same way as wild pearls, but farmers have a bit more control over the circumstances and can guarantee a crop of pearls rather than hunting them down in the wild.

Again, what is a pearl? A pearl takes years to form (about three when being farmed, and seven in the wild) and is incredibly rare to find naturally. That’s why most pearls on the market today are cultured pearls. If you find a natural pearl for sale, it will be very expensive and will most likely be part of a piece of vintage jewelry.

Pearl Varieties

The reason why many people struggle with answering the question of “What is a pearl” is because they can vary quite dramatically. Pearls come in many different types, colors, sizes, and luster. You can choose classic white, round, Akoya pearls, or brightly colored baroque pearls.

In terms of jewelry, you might want a classic pearl necklace or a more offbeat pair of unique pearl earrings. The pearl market offers something for every style. When you are shopping for pearl jewelry, you’ll need to keep in mind both your budget and your personal style in order to find the variety that is right for you. You can learn more about all the different aspects of pearls by exploring ThePearlSource.com.

Learn More About Pearls

What are pearls? Pearls are one of the most classic gemstones, and they look equally at home for a day at the office, a night at the opera, or just running errands around town. If you are considering investing in pearls, keep in mind that they hold their value incredibly well and will likely be an heirloom piece for generations to come.

Learning about pearls can seem overwhelming since there are so many factors to consider, but The Pearl Source has answered many questions, so you not only know the answer to “what is a pearl, ” but you can also be confident that you’re choosing the pearls that are just right for you.