Caviar Spoons: What are they?

May 14, 2015 by Melissa

Caviar includes the roe of specific species of sturgeon primarily living within the Caspian Sea between Iran and Russia. These fragile eggs are cleaned carefully then lightly salted prior to canning. Caviar is thought to be amongst the globe’s most prized delicacies, and there’s a specific quantity of ritual related to serving it. One type of tradition includes the use of a unique caviar spoon, made to prevent caviar ‘berries’ from obtaining a metallic, unpleasant taste.

Usually, a caviar spoon is carved from a non-metallic substance like bone, glass, mother-of-pearl or natural horn. However, there’s a popular myth that caviar can’t be served using a metal spoon. Caviar itself will be packed then shipped inside metal cans without obtaining a metallic taste. Some experts in food suggest that sterling silver transfers an unpleasant flavor to caviar, yet an inert metal like gold won’t. There will be such things as gold-plated or gold caviar spoons. Also, a plastic spoon may serve as a caviar spoon within emergency situations.

Maybe the most typical material utilized to create the right caviar spoon includes mother-of-pearl. Pearl’s material cannot transfer unpleasant flavors to the fragile caviar berries. Also, mother-of-pearl has an elegant opalescent glow that fits in well along with a formal table setting. If you’re prepared to serve caviar, buying a mother-of-pearl caviar spoon set might be a great idea.

Caviar spoons designed for bone or natural horn also are suitable for serving caviar within formal settings. The material utilized isn’t as vital as this spoon’s non-reactive nature. Caviar spoons are made to hold a tiny quantity of caviar as a guest prepares a cracker or toast point to receive it. Communal caviar spoons might be utilized at buffet settings, or guests might be provided individual caviar spoons within seated dinner arrangements.