Pearl Necklaces

Do Bad Girls Wear Pearls?

Pearls have been reinventing themselves in the fashion accessory world. I’ve been fascinated with the way fashionistas think about pearls for quite a while now. And, with so many celebrities and reality TV stars donning the precious gems, I have to ask myself, “Do bad girls wear pearls?” Personally, I’ve always had a problem with … Continue reading Do Bad Girls Wear Pearls?

August 4, 2017

Why Wearing Pearls is the Best

Pearls are believed to have been the all-time original, the very first, precious gems. In ancient times, they were valued for their unique qualities. Pearls are completely unlike other gems, to this day. Colored, black and white pearls now form the modern jeweler’s palette. The range of colors is truly exceptional, including gold, green, and … Continue reading Why Wearing Pearls is the Best

May 14, 2014

Your ‘Got-to’ Pearl Source

Whenever you watch a movie, especially an older one, it seems like there is always a character that has a ‘guy’ for everything. Whenever they need something done, whether it’s finding a wedding ring or getting tickets to a show, they have a ‘guy’ for that. Today, it can be hard to find someone who … Continue reading Your ‘Got-to’ Pearl Source

April 2, 2014