History of Pearls

Ancient Pearls

Although pearls are as old as the earth itself, pearls and pearl shells apparently were first valued by ancient Middle Eastern cultures. It didn’t take long for interest in pearls to spread across cultures, first spilling over into the Mediterranean, where, in Persia, these gorgeous gemstones were said to be worth their weight in gold. … Continue reading Ancient Pearls

October 27, 2015

Mr. Mikimoto: Master of Pearls

Pearl aficionados and most pearl enthusiasts from all walks of life know well the name of Mikimoto. The world of pearls would not be what we know today without Mr. Kokichi Mikimoto of Japan. Most understand that Mikimoto was the inventor of cultured pearls, achieving in 1893 his quest to uncover the secret of an … Continue reading Mr. Mikimoto: Master of Pearls

September 30, 2015