Buying Pearls For A June Birthday

July 18, 2014 by Melissa

If a friend or loved one has a June birthday, then you know what they want. Pearls are the classic gift for someone born in June, but since a June baby likely has plenty of pearls already, now is the time for you to really make an impact with their gift. How do you get someone pearls that they will love, without sorting through their jewelry to do so?

Think about what they wear

Pearls are a very personal item. Buying them for someone can be hard, unless you know what they like. Are they more of a formal or traditional person? If so, then they probably have plenty of white pearls in their collection. Do they always look like they are about to head to the yacht club or a beach? Those are prime destinations for someone who has plenty of white and light colored pearls. Are they more of an exotic dresser? Tahitian pearls are probably their best friend.

Once you’ve figured out what they likely have in their collection, you need to understand what they want. Most people who get pearls as gifts look for something that it similar to what they have currently, but that may be a bit more of a stretch for them, and something that they wouldn’t buy for themselves. For the traditionalist, this means looking at something that is light in color, but still pretty similar to the white pearls that they keep in their jewelry box.

For someone who is more exotic, you might want to try and rein them in a little with a more adventurous style of pink or peach pearls. A mixed color pearl necklace is a great choice here. For the beachgoer, you can head in either direction (white for conservative, darker for more contemporary), but it would be better to err on the side of more adventurous with a Tahitian pearl necklace.

When shopping for a June birthday, you shouldn’t have to worry about what to get someone. If you stick to what you know about them, and look for something that’s a little bit more adventurous than they already have, you will do well.